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dietary fiber supplement for improved digestion

It’s like traffic: good to keep it moving at a steady pace. Fiber feeds your microbiome and slows the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. Fiber also helps clean your colon and bacteria build-up in your intestines and contri butes to regularity.

67 % fiber


200g | 400g

shake & go
mix 1 g of fiber supplement with at least 20 ml of water or juice, yoghurt, smoothie…

bake & enjoy
add powder to porridge, cookie or pastry dough

drink water
your daily dose should be consumed with a large glass of water

test your microbiome

Directions for use:
daily dose is 1.5 tablespoons (1.5 tbsp/20 g). New users should start with half a daily dose (0.75 tbsp). You may initially experience mild changes in bowel habits or minor bloating as your body adjusts to your increased fi ber intake. Fine-tune your daily dose to suit your body.

psyllium husks, resistant corn starch, soluble oat bran fiber, rye bran, citrus fiber, chicory inulin, silicon dioxide (anticaking agent)

Per one dose (1.5 tbsp/20 g)

Energy: 57.60 kcal
Total fat: 0.53 g
saturated fat: 0.07 g
Carbohydrate: 2.88 g
naturally occurring sugars: 0.44 g
Dietary fiber: 13.38 g
resistant starch: 3.90 g
arabinoxylan: 1.50 g
citrus fiber: 4.15 g
beta-glucans: 1.60 g
inulin: 1.03 g
rye fiber: 1.20 g
Protein: 0.72 g
Salt: 0.04 g

Contains naturally occurring sugars.
Sugar content: 0.44 mg